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Monday, March 5, 2007

A Sad Loss

Recently MareGa had to be removed due to some issues that will not be discussed without her permission, but rest assure, her empty spot will be used to the fullest. Send in Applications Darlings. They are the only way to get in. Just remember to comment me first so I don't just get a random application from someone I don't know. And also a reminder, you MUST state who asked you to join. If you don't, then you need to specify why you would like to join Classy Couture in you application form when you send it to Ciao darlings! And good luck!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eight More to Go

We have another Classy Couture member! HighEndCouture has just joined and will be going through the Council Rush once we have 8 more along with MareGa so that their positions will be determined in the long run. Until then, keep sending in your Applications!

Much Love Dolls,


Friday, February 23, 2007

New Classy Couture Member

Classy Couture proudly announces the joining of of MareGa. She is currently under way of becoming one of our council members. Only 9 Invites remain now. Congratulations Doll. Make us proud.


Invitations and Applications


1Describe how you look, and basically what your life is like.
2 Describe yourself in one word.
3 Where do you stand in your school? Hot or Not?
4 Why would you be perfect for the guild? At least 3 sentences, please.
5Anything else fabulous that might help you get into the guild or you simply want to tell me?

Good luck, darlings! Hopefully I'll see you in the guild. Even without an application, I do let some people in. So you may get an invite even before you send an application or around the same time. Oh well, either way, you're in.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

In and Out

On my old site there was an in and out section for each month. We would list what was confirmed as the new trend, and what was out. To do this, there was a group of us to confirm all of this. What's sad is that there no longer is a group to help me do this. Isn't that too sad? Well, the pity party is going to be put on hold. I'm starting a search for the new Classy Coutures. Let's clear some things up before the search really starts.

What is a Classy Couture?
She's a fashion forward girl that people wish they could be. A role model for trend setting and the reason why fashion exists.

How do I become a Classy Couture?
By filling out the application form that I will be putting below.

What is my job as a Classy?
Find the latest trends, hot spots, and do the fashion world a favor by doing so.

Is there a ranking system in Classy Couture?
Yes there is. You don't automatically become the co-leader of the pack. You just don't do that! You must work your way to the top. That is what makes you so Classy. We start out with the Newbie Couture, Star Couture, Heiress Couture, Princess Couture, Goddess Couture, and finally Classy Perfects. It really isn't that difficult to move up the ranks. Which goes on to the next question....

How do I move up the ranking ladder?
Simple. You must complete the following.
Move up from Newbie Couture: You must first fill out the application to even be a newbie. Depending on your application, you can start as a star. But to move up if you have a... normal application you must complete the following: - 5 fashion finds that the Classy Perfects decide is acceptable for the season or month.
- 10 things that may suprise us all; this deals with news. As a Newbie you must have 10 amazing articles dealing with Fashion.
- You must spread the knowledge of Classy Couture. You never know, being a Classy can be an amazing thing. You must post about classy on 15 blogs, telling fashion forward divas that Classy Couture is where thy belong.
- You must comment at least 20 times.
- Do something meaningful for the group. Maybe make a new format for the blog.

Star Coutures: Congrats for making it this far! You are Ah-mazing. You have survived probably the toughest part of the Classy Couture experience. You are a Star and people admire you for it. What can you do to move up to be an Heiress? Complete the following:
- Post comments constantly not only on The Classy Couture homepage, but also on your fellow Classys pages. We can't leave each other out! Classy Couture would die without each and every one of you! If you can do 50, you are truly worthy of having Heiress as your name.
- Send in ideas for new things we can do each month! You should do at least 20.
- Obviously we must keep fashion trends going, not all newbies are able to be like you!
- And finally send in a sweet email saying why you think you deserve to move up! (You must complete the previous tasks before the email. Ya gotta prove it first!)

So you're an Heiress now... You are getting close to being perfect. Fabulous. Now, you really are becoming well known. How many people do you know are Heiresses? Not Many. Let's get to the point already.
- Over 100 posts
- You've gotten at least 10 people to join Classy Couture
- You've gotten at least 15 things in the Couture Style blog that will be run by a whole new committee once we have more people.
- At least 5 of your ideas have been accepted into the Couture Fun blog which will also be put into a new committee with more members.
- You have listened to haters and let them know calmly that just because we are more style forward, beautiful, and popular than them doesn't mean they have to be so outright jealous.
- If you have shown up on a hater blog for being a Classy, consider yourself moved up.

Princess Couture! This is almost it. You are almost perfect. Only 2 more ranks. Aren't you proud! I'm so excited for you. But let's get to the picture.
- You must contribute something. Maybe a new page, a new idea for a committee or maybe even something amazing like make it completely known to the blog universe that we exist!
- Look, you are basically off the hook, but you have done at least 70 posts.
- You must be extremely fashionable.
- You have to get someone to custom make you a template to flaunt your stuff, or even better make it yourself!
- You must have at least 15 people join thanks to your recommendations
- Show off that you are a Princess. Make everyone jealous, you are getting close to perfection.

Goddess. You are so amazing and I am so excited for you! Look at all of this! You can't just NOT work to the top. Can you believe it? You are almost me! Let's get a move on.
- 80 posts
- Have at least 20 people join.
- Gotten an email from me about how I think you are so amazing. (Post it doll! Don't you want the world to know how much I adore you?)
- Done something that makes me wonder why you aren't in the Classy Perfects already!
- Contributed so much style I want to cry
- Made me proud to have you in Classy Couture

You are a Classy Perfect. Congrats. I will have an announcement and we'll have a day reserved for you every year. You will be added to the committee and sweetie, you truly are amazing.

Easy right? I thought so. I have to run, but I will talk to you later.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hey Dolls!

For those who haven't heard of me yet, I'm SheIsClassyCouture! I used to have a web site but since that shut down(I was seriously bored of it!) I made a google blog! Who am I really? I can't tell you. That wouldn't be any fun! ;)

Right now I'm sitting in my room because I unfortunately have a cold! But that's ok! I'll make it obviously because I am Blondie Girl. Maybe I should add a description... Here ya go!

Height: Just right.
Eye Color: Cerulean
Hair: Blonde
Weight: As if I would tell you
Age: Confidential
Originally from: Paris, France (I moved to the U.S. when I was young thank gawd. Now I don't have an accent.)
Currently Wearing: A dress and heels(I was just informed I'm going out for brunch at the Polo Lounge)